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I’m Tom Gerhardt

You probably landed here because you heard I help people develop products. It's true! (More info here). I also run a brand called Studio Neat, build drawing robots, and chase around three young boys in Austin, TX. I have an email list that is 100% awesome, and more to share below.

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Currently, I am one-half of the creative force behind the lifestyle brand, Studio Neat.

In 2010, my Studio Neat co-founder and I launched the first "big hit" product on Kickstarter: The Glif. Since then we have designed and manufactured dozens of products under the Studio Neat brand; from Apple accessories, to a line of cocktail tools, and most recently some of the worlds best pens and notebooks. From the beginning, we built our business for maximum control and flexibility, so we have remained a two-person team responsible for product definition, design, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing. It hasn’t always been easy, but the experience I have gained has made me a leading expert on all things related to the creation of physical products.

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A product whisperer for some of the world’s most innovative creators.

I’ve had the privilege to share my knowledge of how to translate ideas into physical products with a global audience. Over the years, I’ve spoken at a number of conferences including XOXO, IDSA and CRAFT + COMMERCE. I host a podcast about running a product design business, and have taught graduate coursework on how to develop products at NYU. My happy place is when I am helping mentor teams and upstarts as they make their first physical products.


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Social media can be a toxic place. You know what still can be fun? Email.

If you want to keep up with what I'm doing, I have an announcement email I send out only when I'm doing something new and exciting. Don't expect many emails, only the cream of the crop.