Making a product is hard,
I can help

I help teams big and small bring new physical products into the world.

Over the last couple decades, I have designed, manufactured, and launched 30+ consumer products. I have sketched, prototyped, raised money, found manufacturers, visited factories, solved production issues, and shipped thousands of products to almost every country in the world. Let my hard-won experience give you a leg-up.

A grid of products designed by Tom Gerhardt

Specific Ways I Help:

Turn Confusion Into Focus

I guide founders through a process I have developed over the years to truly define the product you are making including: scale identification, product-market fit, price discovery, and an action plan to get you started.

Stand out in a sea of Gizmos

When starting out, your biggest competitor is obscurity. I'll teach you to break through the noise and get the attention you deserve to build momentum and keep growing.

Get Those Fat Stacks

There are many ways to raise money to build your thing. I've raised 2M+ over 10 crowdfunding campaigns, and know the ins and outs of pre-sales, investment, and loans. I'll help you find the path that works for you.

Build the Right Thing

If you’re solving the right problem for the right people, everything becomes easier. I’ll help you stay clear-eyed and customer-focused so your product sells itself without a million dollar marketing budget.

Avoid Wasting Time & Money

I’ve made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to. The world of physical products is nothing but a bunch of unknown unknowns (like surprise import duties or quality control nightmares). I help you anticipate and avoid setbacks.

Punch Above Your Weight

We are incredibly lucky to be creating at this moment. Small teams can do almost anything. I’ve spent the last fifteen years becoming an expert in prototyping, manufacturing, and distribution technologies that will help you go far and fast.

Win 1,000 True Fans

Did you know you have a super power the big guys would kill for? It’s authenticity. Together we connect the dots of identity, purpose, and vision to tell a story that has heart and makes people have all the best feels.

“Tom helps me break down the problem space and get behind my own assumptions. He’s got a killer radar for cutting out unnecessary complexity and I’m regularly impressed by his intuition.”

So, how does it work?!?

( I can work with you in a couple ways, depending on where you are at. )


Upstart Mentorship

If you are just getting started and need someone to guide you though the process.

  • Monthly video calls: you and I check in to make sure you know the next steps to achieve your goals.
  • Ongoing email support: you’ll have access to a special email address for questions and targeted guidance.
  • This option is great for when you can't commit full time to product development, but want an expert to move you along quickly and help you stay focused.
  • 3 month commitment
  • $750 / month

In-depth Coaching

When you have the time and resources to move fast.

  • I basically become part of your team and know the ins and outs of your business and goals. I have your project on my mind, and am leveraging my network wherever possible.
  • Weekly video calls: you and I check in weekly to keep you moving at lightning speed.
  • Ad Hoc availability: we have additional check-ins by email, calls, or texts as needed.
  • We can get a lot done if you are ready to go full speed. I WILL be texting you sketches.
  • 6 month commitment
  • $1,800 / month
The first step is to hop on a free 15 minute call to see if we're a good match.
(or, if you have a simple question: email me)
“I wasn’t really sure what Tom did before he visited for our consult. After...all I can say is that I want more of it. I would say he has the eye of an engineer, the brain of an inventor/entrepreneur, and a heart of gold.”
-Jared Pickard, founder Be Here Farm + Nature
“Tom has the knowledge of my business, enough distance to be unemotional, and the broad expertise combined with character to help in every situation.”
-Ryan Jones, founder Flighty